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Are you struggling with aging?  Are you fed up of developing wrinkles and blemishes seemingly out of nowhere?  Trust us, these problems don’t go away.  And, depending on how you’ve treated your skin over the years, it will get worse.  But aside from setting up your own personal time machine and going back to tell your younger self to wear sunscreen and avoid bad skincare behaviors, there’s really not much you can do.  Well, that was until QuGenix Rx.  Their revolutionary new formula was engineered specifically to turn back the clock on aging.  For a limited time, it’s available to try risk-free through the QuGenix Trial program.  Click the image to learn more.

QuGenix Face Cream defies a lot of conventions when it comes to skincare.  But that doesn’t mean they’ve thrown everything out of the window.  In fact, they’re using two of the more tried and tested ingredients in modern skincare; peptides and collagen.  But the way they do it is more important than the fact that they’re using them.  Their patented combination has proven to be very effective at reversing damage from problematic issues like transepidermal water loss, and even help to improve skin appearance on the surface.  If you’re ready to learn more about QuGenix cream, how it works, and about the limited-time trial program, click the button below.

How Does QuGenix Rx Work?

QuGenix Rx, as we’ve mentioned briefly above, uses a set of proven ingredients that have a capacity for both immediate, and long term results.  While we’ll be spending a little more time with those ingredients later in the article, it’s important to note just how effective they are at helping address moisture loss (aka the leading cause of wrinkles).  By preventing what causes us to lose moisture in the first place, QuGenix face cream is capable of stopping, or at least decreasing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.

Why Use QuGenix Face Cream? 

As we age, we accumulate a lot of damage to our skin.  It can come from a variety of sources; the environment, bad habits (like smoking), and even stress.  However we accumulate it, it adds up.  The end result is damaged skin that not only holds less moisture, but is less capable of retaining the moisture we give to it.  So why use QuGenix Rx Cream?  Basically because your skin needs it.  If it doesn’t, then what are you doing here?

QuGenix Cream Benefits:

  • Great For Daily Use
  • Hydrate and Revitalize
  • Fast Absorbing Cream
  • Great For Wrinkles
  • New Free Trial Program

The QuGenix Rx Formula

The QuGenix formula is a point of pride to the developers.  It’s simple, yet effective.  But more importantly, it’s effective in a way that doesn’t put short term success in the way of long term skin health.  That’s a better approach than many skincare companies take, and one we definitely appreciate.  You won’t be seeing ridiculous ingredients like viper venom or mud from the Marianas trench.  What you will be seeing are ingredients that work, and that are backed by years of scientific study and research into anti-aging strategies.

QuGenix Ingredients

While we’ve mentioned peptides and collagen in passing, we wanted to spend a little bit more time talking about these ingredients.  After all, they’re pivotal to the success of the formula.

  • Collagen – Collagen makes up a large percentage of what we consider to be our skin, and that means that it plays a large role in its overall health.  But why use collagen topically?  In clinical research that we’ve seen, using topical collagen is great for improving barrier health.  While we’re not scientists, and can’t really talk to the actual reasons why, here’s a study brief on the subject if you’re interested in learning more.
  • Peptides – Peptides, the plural for peptide, are basically a linked chain of amino acids.  They’re really common in skincare products, and are used primarily as a moisturizing ingredient.  They’re big for fighting moisture loss, as shown by their capacity for slowing down and even stopping TEWL.

QuGenix Rx Reviews

When you search for reviews for QuGenix Face Cream, you’re immediately inundated with various advertisements from media companies.  While they’re valuable in their own way, they’re decidedly subjective.  That can be a problem for somebody looking for authentic reviews.  So if you decide to look at reviews, try to find authentic user reviews, not these “reviews”.  The user experience for QuGenix is, honestly, pretty unknown at this point.  It could be because of the relative infancy of the cream, or other reasons.  We’re not sure, but it’s definitely getting a bad shake in the more commercial reviews.

Best Price for QuGenix Rx

If you want to buy QuGenix cream right now, then you don’t have many options.  The only real way we’ve seen is through the trial, but then you’re signing up for a monthly auto-ship program.  The biggest benefit of that format is that you get your first jar to try for around $5.  It’s nice for people who don’t want to commit the full price, but still want to try out the product.  Ready to learn more?  Click the banner below to access the full trial details. 

Recommended Pairing:
QuGenix is fairly unique in the skincare niche, especially because it’s not developed as part of a series of products.  That means that we don’t really have an easy companion for the product.  That said, it’s kind of a blessing.  You don’t have to worry about multiple products, and can continue using your own favorites.  Our recommendation is that you use QuGenix in conjunction with a good, non-abrasive cleanser, and support it further with a touch-up moisturizing serum.  And don’t forget your sunscreen!  If you’re going to use one thing from this list, then it needs to be sunscreen.   But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, in order to pair QuGenix correctly, you need to..ahem… have the product.  Click the banner to get your trial bottle sent today!



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